GripTight Elbow – Elbow Test Plug

Elbow test plug GripTight Elbow

I.D. sealing test plug for high pressure hydrostatic testing of pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels with long radius elbows.

GripTight Elbow Test Plugs use patented GripTight MAX grippers to provide a safe and effective testing environment by using test pressure to grip more securely against the pipe. Superior solution for testing pipe spools and piping systems for elbow applications!

Note: Never use a test pressure greater than the weakest component in the system can handle. Test Pressure specified in table is equivalent to 80% of the pressure that will yield ASTM A106 Grade B pipe. The test pressure for higher and lower strength pipes will differ proportionally. The maximum test pressure for higher strength pipe must never exceed the highest test pressure listed for that pipe O.D.

For more information on dimensions and pressure classes, download "Data Sheet" in the right menu.

GripTight Elbow Test Plug