GripTight - Reverse Pressure Testplugger

Eliminate concerns over inadequate joint strength

GripTight-reverse pressure test plugs

Previous flange weld testing devices have been shown to apply only radial and hoop stresses to the weld location. Use of these devices for pressure testing will not adequately test or verify the axial strength of the flange-to-pipe weld.

Our new GripTight Reverse Pressure (GTRP) test plugs are the solution to the growing concern over the axial strength of flange-to-pipe welds. By isolating the test area between a test flange and our GTRP plug, the flange-to-pipe weld is subjected to the full axial, hoop, and radial stresses equivalent to the stresses that would be produced when using a test blind to pressurize the entire piping system.

For more information on dimensions and pressure classes, download "Data Sheet" in the right menu.
Grip Tight reverse pressure test plug