Accumulator Certification

Sertifisering akkumulatoerer

IKM Testing performs certification and recertification of accumulators and other pressure vessels. We disassemble, inspect, clean, test, operate and reinstall all types of accumulators. We have also established a wide network of contacts for the delivery of parts for all the most well-known brands. IKM has dedicated personnel that can perform full recertification and classification.

We carry out inspections and condition checks in the field at our customers' facilities, procure necessary parts and carry out full overhauls of accumulators.

IKM Testing also has our own workshop for certification of accumulators and we can, if needed, carry out the work at our own premises and return finished overhauled and certified accumulators to our customer.

We certify and re-certify all types of accumulators and pressure vessels: 
•  Piston / diaphragm / bladder accumulators
•  Certification, cleaning and testing of pressure tanks
•  Certification, cleaning and testing of hydraulic cylinders

Sertifisering og resertifisering av akkumulatorer    IKM Testing