Cold Cutting Services

Cold cutting

IKM Testing specialises in providing remote controlled and efficient cold cutting solutions with a major focus on HSE; providing a better working environment for our employees and at the same time potential cost and time savings for our clients. Because we have the expertise and equipment for all methods, we can recommend the solution that best suits your unique challenge. Whether you are looking for Abrasive (Water / Sand) Cutting, Diamond Wire Cutting, Mechanical Cutting - or a combination of these, IKM Testing can meet all your cold cutting requirements.

Abrasive (water/sand) Cutting

Efficient and precise cuts in hard materials (steel / concrete). Long range remote systems. No vibration propagation in structure. Even cutting speed throughout the cut. Typical applications include: above and below water, removal of crane pedestal, temporary steel, object connected to housing module, multi-string wells and tanks.

Diamond Wire Cutting
Effective cuts with guaranteed cut verification. Guide system adapted to scaffolding for easier installation. Can cut multiple objects at once. Typical applications include: above and below water, decommissioning, coarse dimensions with intricate design, material mixtures in cuts (car length = 20min.), dams, temporary steel and tanks.

Mechanical Cutting
Split Frame:
Two-part pipe cutters / bevel machines. Many brands to choose from. The most efficient and precise method for cutting / beveling pipes up to 48". Remote controlled solutions available. Typical applications include: above and below water, all types of pipe cutting / beveling, piping in general, single wall well and piles.

Saws: Automatic bayonet and guillotine saws. Several brands / types available. Chain, magnetic and vacuum attachment. Extremely fast clamping and little requirement for a cordoned off area, as well as several saws can be used simultaneously within a smaller area. HSE friendly when auto-feeding is used. Typical applications include: H-beams and square profiles, thin-walled steel (up to 20mm thickness), small tubes in carbon steel and titanium (Grade 2).

IKM Testing offers most cutting methods:
• Abrasive Cutting (water / sand)
• Diamond Wire Cutting
• Split Frame / Pipe Cutting
• Bayonet sawing
• Guillotine sawing

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