Composite Repair Services

Kompositt reparasjon - composit repair

Corrosion is a growing problem in the oil and gas industry. As installations get older, the need for maintenance and repairs increases. IKM Testing can supply composite solutions for repairing damage to pipes and structures, above and below water.

Thermo-Wrap-Inspectable is a composite system that utilizes the properties of a strong, two-way woven fiberglass cloth together with an epoxy system for repair / restoration of systems (pipes / structure / tanks etc.) that operate in a wide range of temperatures. The system is designed to comply with the requirements and standards set forth in ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO TS24817, DOT, API, and CSA 2662. Thermo-Wrap-Inspectable is specifically designed for repairs that requires that strength and other key properties are maintained even at high temperatures. At the same time, this composite system hardens at room temperature. The system handles pressures up to 250 bar, and temperatures in the range of -75 °C to 220 °C. When applying fire-retardant paint, fire classification H60 can be achieved.

Before Application                                                             After ApplicationKompositt reparasjon - før påføring   Kompositt reparasjon - etter påføring


Withstands high temperatures while epoxy hardens at room temperature. No heating or post-curing is required. Complete calculations, follow-up and support available to ensure safe and successful repair. Improved properties for inspection by X-ray. For dimensions up to 6", it is possible to measure the remaining thicknesses behind the repair. Thermo-Wrap-Inspectable can generally, regardless of dimensions, be checked for possible delamination using this method. Requires a minimum of equipment / resources / facilities. Performed as cold work. Temporary and / or permanent repairs repairs can be carried out without shutting down systems. Cost-effective in terms of replacement. Can be used on all types of geometry. Low weight.

Designed to seal leaks in pipe systems, in conjunction with our solutions for composite repairs and reinforcements. Composite Clamp™ is made of powder-coated carbon steel, applied with a rubber pad to simplify leak sealing. Composite Clamp™ measures 3.5" in width and is available in lengths designed for diameters from 2" to 8". Using our "clamp linking design", several sets can be linked to each other to cover up to 24".

Pre-Assembled                                                         Composite Wrapped
Composite clamp    Composite clamp