CTS - Cuttings Transport System

Cutting transport system (CTS)

IKM Testing's Cuttings Transport System (CTS) is a proven and efficient method when there is a need to transport cuttings away from a wellhead. 

The concept has been thoroughly tested and operations have been carried out since 1992 on the Norwegian shelf. Our systems are mobile and built in accordance with the latest requirements and standards on the Norwegian shelf. The system is adapted to installations, rigs or vessel as required. Several installations include pre-installed interfaces, both topside and subsea, adapted for use with our CTS system.

The pump systems we use are electric, but diesel-powered pumps can also be delivered if desired.

The system is ejector based and cuttings are efficiently moved up to 1500 meters away from the wellhead.

Cutting transpport system (CTS)


• Capacity: 4500 ltr / min
• Operating depth: up to 500 meters
• Removal of drill cuttings up to 1500 meters


IKM Testing CTS