Drone inspection / RPAS / UAV

UAS droner

IKM Testing has provided drone (RPAS, UAS) services since 2014. Improved efficiency and safety have resulted in a large increase in the use of drones throughout our operations. The sensors that can be carried by drones are many and constantly evolving. Drone inspection is now part of the framework agreement services we provide to many of our customers. We have many highly skilled pilots and inspectors who control our fleet of drones. We have equipment and personnel on standby so that we can respond at short notice. We offer a complete service including planning, execution and documentation. We can also provide simpler scopes such as collecting data that customers need for further internal processing.

We are certified according to RO3 and all of our pilots have completed approved training. We have extensive experience in inspection within the oil and gas sector for both offshore and onshore facilities. In addition, we have inspected a number of bridges, wind turbines, electricity pylons and documented progress in projects in connection with loadouts.

Our drones can be equipped with cameras for still images, video or thermography. The quality of all our inspection data is high-resolution and can be further processed to create point clouds, photogrammetry and 3D models. We have also developed technology to perform UT (thickness measurement using drones) and have special drones for flying inside tanks and larger pipe systems.

UAS droner    UAS droner - termografi    UAS droner - termografi

Offshore uas drone       Offshore drone

Our drone services include:

• NVI - Close-up visual inspection
• Video
• Thermography
• UT (thickness measurement)
• GVI Inspection (exterior structure, flares, overview pictures)
• High resolution photography
• Point clouds / photogrammetry / 3D models
• Surveying / volume calculations