Mechanical Completion and Commissioning Services

Mekanisk ferdigstillelse

IKM Testing is a complete service provider within mechanical completion of pipe and process equipment. Our personnel have extensive experience and vast multidisciplinary expertise. We have a large stock of equipment to serve our customers' needs.

Nitrogen Services

Leak testing with nitrogen / helium (N2He) is a core area within our business, and IKM Testing is currently Norway's largest supplier of this type of service. We perform leak testing on everything from individual equipment components to complete oil and gas installations.

N2He leak testing is usually performed to ensure a leak-free start-up of systems and components that will handle flammable, explosive or other critical substances. Systems and components designed to operate in a vacuum are also often subjected to this type of testing.

Pressure Testing

We perform vacuum and pressure testing for certification of pipes, tanks, valves and equipment. The tests are performed with liquid or gas. All measuring instruments have traceable calibration certificates.

We have a comprehensive equipment fleet for blind equipment such as flanges (RF, RTJ, SAE, SPO, DIN, API) hubs, test plugs, flange testers and weld testers (internal joint testers).

Hot Oil Flushing

IKM Testing performs certification of cleanliness in hydraulic systems and lubricating oil systems with requirements for cleanliness. We have oil flushing units with capacities and properties that suit all pipe dimensions, oil types and viscosities. Analysis and documentation is performed with a microscope or automatic particle counting for verification against ISO 4406 or NAS 1683, as well as water content.

We also offer cleaning of all types of oils. Either we can perform circulation and filtration at the customer's facility or we can perform cleaning at one of our workshops. We regularly receive used and new oil to our workshop which we clean for water and particles. The oil is returned to the customer in sealed barrels with certification of purity in accordance with the client's specification. We perform pressure testing of instruments, pipes, tanks, valves and equipment, in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Chemical Cleaning

IKM Testing performs chemical cleaning of pipes, tanks, heat exchangers and process systems. We work actively with chemical suppliers and customers to remove deposits in a more cost effective, faster and safer way. IKM Testing is at the forefront of meeting increasingly stringent environmental requirements and pursues an active substitution policy.

We have extensive experience in removing LRA / NORM contaminated scale, and have developed methods for separating the contamination from the washing water after cleaning. This significantly reduces the amount of damage and costs.


IKM Testing offers most techniques for cleaning with water under high pressure. We have a high level of expertise in choosing the right nozzles, and we adapt the nozzles to the system to be cleaned and the type and degree of contamination. For larger pipe systems, rotating hoses (rotofans) are used for optimal cleaning.

We also offer ultra high pressure cleaning (UHP 2700 bar). This pressurised water is used as a chisel to remove thick concrete from surfaces.

We also perform surface washing and washing down of installations using hot water washers.

Bolt Tightening
IKM Testing performs bolt tightening with hydraulic torque tools and bolt tensioning with jacks (topside and subsea). We have experience with all well-known brands and systems used in Norway. We undertake assignments with management and total responsibility for flange connections, and have expertise in the preparation of manuals, drawing tables and calculations of torque. We have a very extensive equipment offering e.g. Elan and Hydratight stretching tools and Hytorc, Plarad and Hydratight tensioning tools. IKM's Training and Competence Center is approved for training and certification of personnel within bolt tightening.

IKM Testing is a complete service provider within mechanical completion and commissioning services. Our wide range of services is unique, and we offer, among other things

•    Nitrogen Services
•    Pressure Testing
•    Hot Oil Flushing
•    Chemical Cleaning
•    Hydrojetting
•    Bolt Tightening

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