On-Site Machining Services

One-site maskinering_Valomon Korea

IKM Testing performs on-site machining wherever the service is needed, without the objects having to be sent to a machining workshop. With more than 20 years of experience, we have the equipment, expertise and understanding of challenges that arise - both planned and unexpected.

The services are performed with mobile equipment approved for use offshore and in other demanding environments, in accordance with relevant standards.

Typical challenges that IKM resolves include flange facing on all flange types and sizes, hole drilling and line boring as well as all types of milling / grinding.

Most challenges can be resolved with IKM equipment that is on standby ready for mobilization, and much of the equipment is module-based so that we can quickly deliver a solution - where standard equipment does not fit.

IKM Testing performs all types of machining with mobile equipment:
 •   Flange Facing of all flange types: FF, RF, RTJ, HUB, compact flange
 •   Hole drilling
 •   Line boring
 •   Milling / Grinding

On-site maskinering- flensemaskinering, hullboring, linjeboring, planfresing- RMLM5200 milling   On-site maskinering-Valemon Korea