Preservation hose reel

IKM Testing performs all services related to preservation, including covering/wrapping and have several different solutions for protection and life extension of equipment and materials.

We work with the customer to be able to optimize solutions, reduce costs in order to offer the most optimal solution for each individual customer.

We can carry out inspections, condition checks and engineering at our customers locations, as well as carry out preservation work for both on- and offshore.

IKM Testing has its own subsidiary company that produces special covers for all types of equipment, which are tailor-made to measurements with unique properties that make them very durable and resistant to extreme weather and different climatic conditions.

In addition, IKM Testing has a large selection of preservation products (VCI) that can delay the corrosion process by up to 95%.

We supply preservation services and preservation products through our daughter company IKM Alfa Solution 

  • Shrinkwrap
  • Protective cover
  • Preservation (VCI)
  • Viscoelastic coating / wrapping
  • Nitrogen services
  • Dry cleaning
  • Pipe handling / Pipe storage
  • Flange protection
  • Reporting / Documentation
  • Engineering
  • Execution

Flange Dot