Pressure Testing and Hot Oil Flushing

Sertifisering av akkumulatorer

IKM Testing performs pressure testing and certification of cleanliness in hydraulic systems, lubricating oil systems, BOP systems, umbilicals and other tubing/pipe systems with cleanliness requirements.

Hot Oil Flushing

We have oil flushing units with capacities and properties that suit all pipe dimensions, oil types and viscosities. Analysis and documentation of cleanliness in the systems is performed with a microscope or by automatic particle counting for verification against ISO 4406 or NAS 1683, as well as water content.

We also offer cleaning of all types of oils, for particles and for water. Either we can perform circulation and filtration at our customer's site, or we can perform cleaning at one of our own workshops and return the oil cleaned in sealed shipments with certification to the required standards.

Pressure Testing

We perform pressure testing of instruments, pipes, tanks, valves and equipment, in accordance with the latest standards.

We can clean and certify your pipe systems and instrument tubing

  • Large stock of equipment - all pressure classes and sizes
  • Vast experience in testing and cleaning with all types of water / hydraulic based fluids
  • All testing and cleaning is performed according to the latest standards

IKM Testing- umbilical oppkobling på CSO Apache