Internal Video Inspection

Rørinspeksjon - Innvendig inspeksjon

IKM Testing performs internal visual inspection of pipes, ventilation ducts, drainage systems, water pipes, heat exchangers, sprinkler systems, valves, risers, process systems and other critical equipment. All inspections can be documented with photos, film and PC based file processing. Our equipment can be fitted with positioning equipment for location, extra lights for inspection of tanks / larger chambers and centering equipment adapted to the specific system under inspection. IKM Testing adapts our inspection equipment according to the nature of the assignment and the customer's requirements.

We have over a hundred inspection cameras in stock and can perform inspections in large tanks, long pipelines, small dimensions, pressurized systems and with drones.

Rørinspeksjon    Traktor-rørinspeksjon

IKM Testing offers equipment and services for most dimensions and process equipment:

• Ex inspection camera
• Tractors with pan / tilt
• Horizontal crawlers
• Subsea / waterproof cameras
• Drones