Cutting handling

IKM vacuum or pneumatic cuttings transport systems are ideal for a safe and clean transport of cuttings from shaker area to collecting point.  Drill cuttings can be collected into sealed skips or pressurized tanks.

The Cuttings Transport System (CTS) is in use by a large number of operators and installations. The system provides a well proven and tested mean of transporting the drill cuttings associated with the top hole drilling. The systems are mobile and built according to industrial standards. The system can be adapted to suit most installations, vessels and drilling methods/operations. Many installations have pre installed interfaces (both topside and subsea) for use of this system.

Pumps are mainly electrical, but diesel driven pumps can be used and provided.

The system is ejector based with large capacities. The cuttings are sucked away and transported up to 2000 meters by use of installed special hoses.

CTS design
• Max water depth today: 500 meter
• Drilling fluid return flowrate: 6000 l/min

• Link to PDF Brochure about cuttings transport system.

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