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IKM Testing performs all services related to pre-commissioning and commissioning of tie-in spools for subsea pipeline systems.

Types of operations

The following operations are the most common ones used for commissioning of tie-in spools:
• Flooding
• Cleaning
• Gauging

Flooding, cleaning and gauging is usually done by pigs, propelled through the spools.

• Pressure testing
• Dewatering
• Drying
• Preservation
• Pig placement (pipe/spool)

Dewatering and drying is normally done by use of dry/warm air or nitrogen. Preservation is done by filling the system with e.g. glycol or chemically treated water.

• Waxing
• Gel filling

Waxing and gel filling is mostly done on spools that consist of a material with low resistance to sea water, e.g. 13% chrome.

• Link to PDF Brochure about subsea spools.

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