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IKM Testing performs all services related to pre-commissioning and commissioning of umbilicals.

The umbilical related services cover all forms of testing in connection with:
• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
• Pre- and Post Load-out Tests
• Monitoring and Installation
• Final Testing

Types of operations
The following operations are performed:

• Pressure testing of hydraulic lines
• Pressure testing of chemical lines
• Drying (oil/chemicals)
• Flow testing of hydraulic/chemical lines
• Flushing of hydraulic/chemical lines

Electrical cable testing
• Insulation Resistance (IR)
• Conductor Resistance (CR)
• Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

Optical fibre testing
• Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR)

The work is done by dedicated personnel with lengthy experience within this line of work.

Additional services
In addition to the above, IKM Testing also performs the following umbilical related services:
• Labelling/tagging
• Cleanliness controls and fluid analysis
• Wireless pressure monitoring
• Wireless Conductor Resistance (CR) monitoring

• Link to PDF Brochure about umbilical testing services.

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