Valve Management

Valve management

IKM believe valve management is key to ensuring long term successful, safe and reliable valve operations on client assets both on and offshore. This is achieved by developing robust, tailor made valve management strategies in line with client needs, operational budgets and safety standards. These can be stand-alone strategies or integrated with client maintenance procedures.
IKM provide varying levels of valve management from procurement and repair through to Complete Valve Management where a dedicated IKM Valve Specialist will act as an extension to client maintenance departments offering support and expertise on immediate valve issues and long-term planning of preventative maintenance routines and shutdowns.

Services Include:

  • Procurement 
  • Valve Selection 
  • Overhaul and Upgrade
  • Enhanced Testing  
  • Design Modifications  
  • Valve Diagnostics 
  • Valve Automation
  • Planning
  • On-Site Services
  • Campaigns
  • Client Inventory Management​ and Stock Storage Facility