Valve Overhaul and Repair

Valve overhaul and repair

IKM can repair or overhaul any valves and associated equipment at our fully equipped workshop facility located in Westhill. All valves will have detailed strip reports sent to the client for review prior to any repair or overhaul work commencing. Further to this we can up-spec and modify client existing valves to allow them to be used in various plant locations that require  more robust trim materials, paint or bolting specifications. 

A unique IKM selling point is our multi-skilled senior technicians, capable of fulfilling several jobs, potentially saving extra personnel needs. For example, a senior valve technician could also hold competencies in pipe freezing, bolting and tensioning, on site flange face machining and leak testing. Multi-skilled technicians are particularly useful during T.A.R. where space, weight and beds could be a premium.

Services Include:

  • Detailed Strip and Inspection
  • In-house Engineering 
  • Weld Repairs and Cladding
  • Automation
  • RCFA (root cause failure analysis)
  • Upgrading of Valve and Associated Equipment
  • Multi-Disciplined Senior Technician