Wellhead Maintenance

Wellhead maintenance

It is increasingly important to adequately service and maintain wellhead and Xmas tree assemblies to confirm the integrity is fit for purpose. This will ensure surface barrier against hydrocarbon leakage and reliability in an emergency situation.

Services Include:

  • Pressure test casing / tubing hanger voids
  • Annulus top up operations and record annulus pressures
  • Lubricate / seal and function test gate valves
  • Pressure test of gate valves
  • Function and pressure test valve actuators
  • Echometer fluid level services
  • Annulus / Well Integrity & Leak Investigation system
  • Acoustic monitoring of valves
  • Installation and removal of BPVs
  • In-situ inspection and field repairs to valve actuators
  • DHSV Testing
  • Installations, Refurbishment and Repairs of Wellhead equipment and accessories