Well Integrity Services

Well integrity services

The IKM Fluid Level Analyser (FLA) accurately determines fluid level. The main components of the wireless FLA are a hand-held tablet, a gas gun, and diagnostic software.

The licensed software allows data to be exported and processed in any Windows based tablet or computer, allowing ease of access, manual analysis and reporting. The hardware is intrinsically safe and ATEX certified.

Services Include:

  • Fluid Level Analyser Service

Multi- skilled personnel
IKM FLA Services are conducted by IWCF trained, multi skilled operators. Our multi skilled operators are highly competent in fluid level analysis and a wide variety of stimulation operations

Quantification of leak rate in annulus and tubing

Operational efficiency
Two gas guns mobilised as standard, allowing efficient operations on dual wells

Data and analysis is overlayed with previous well data to produce a report providing well history

Results are available within 1 hour of operation

Data storage

Editable reports may be printed, saved as data files or transmitted electronically as PDF files

All data files may also be stored as raw data to Excel

Data and reports are backed up on the IKM server on a daily basis​

  • Determine leak rate through failing GLV/DHSV and other well barriers
  • Plug & Abandon diagnostics and leak quantification
  • Pre-Operation well diagnostics
  • Annulus top up operations and record annulus pressures​
  • Sustained casing pressure remediation