Engineering / Project management

IKM has extensive experience in project management and project implementation. Over many years we have accumulated many staff Project Managers and Engineers with strong polyvalent skills - both theoretical and practical, in all services related to the oil and gas industry.

We would like to highlight the following:
• Project management.
• Project coordination.
• Planning of scopes of work.
• Preparation of work packages.
• Preparation of procedures.
• HQSE Management.
• Planning and execution of large multi-disciplinary projects, both domestic and international.
• Implementation of Research and Development (R & D).
• Planning and coordination of shutdowns.

IKM has developed and adapted a part of our quality system (ISO 9001:2000) for the management and implementation of projects. This, in combination with the above, allows IKM to provide efficient projects and proven functionality and concept planning, as well as services related to our own business areas. We have a constant focus on staff training, coordination, maintenance, new investment and improved logistics.

In addition, our group key technical staff have extensive experience in related services such as design and analysis - construction and production technology, the installation of the platform offshore*, organization and interfaces, maintenance and inspection.

Personal clave de IKM suelen integrarse en las organizaciones de nuestros clientes durante períodos más o menos largos, contribuyendo con su competencia a los proyectos.

IKM key personnel are integrated into our clients' organizations for short or long durations, allowing them to contribute their expertise to projects as required.
Hemos participado y realizado nuestros servicios en todas partes del mundo. Esto nos ha proporcionado una valiosa experiencia al trabajar con diferentes culturas, la organización de los recursos locales y que dan como resultado una alta competencia internacional a nuestra organización y el personal.

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