IMR Solutions

IMR solutions are all about promoting sustainable asset performance during life of field.

Through efficient project management and engineering activities, IKM Technology integrates other suppliers which need to be part of our IMR Solution offering.

IKM Technology tailor made intervention tools and equipment. Development of new technology for more efficient IMR operations.

Intervention tools and Equipment
• Tailor made solutions
• Upgrade and repair of intervention tools
• Standard ROV Tooling

Life of Field
• Equipment upgrade and refurbishment
• Inventory Management
• Obsolescence management
• Planned preventive maintenance
• Preserveation and storage
• Spare part management
• Technical and operational support

New Technology
Development of a variable buoyance system based on Void technology. Void is a method which is about removal of fluid from a closed tank under water without filling of gas or fluid, and creating a Void. Void is a completely empty space By removing liquid from a tank under water for every liter of fluid (seawater) pumped out gets 1 kg buoyancy. The principle is that water displacement increases buoyancy is obviously known and it sounds almost too good to be true that this can work so easily.

It is clear that the concept of emptying a tank for liquid under water have challenges. The principles underpinning is that sea water is pumped out from the bottom as water always seeks the lowest point. This applies no matter where you are on earth or under the sea.


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