Maritime products

IKM Instrutek AS is one of the leading vendors for test- and measuring instruments in Norway.

We have our own calibration lab were we do service and calibration. Our major brands for handheld test and measuring instruments are Hioki and Fluke and we can offer a complete range of products and tailor made test solutions based on our customer’s applications.

Power Supply Quality (PSQ) has become an important concern for ship electric systems.
Thus, deviations of voltage from nominal values and wave-shapes could cause severe malfunctions, interruption or even damage of onboard equipment and systems.

PSQ issues has become a key-factor to ensure normal operation, survivability and safety onboard vessels worldwide. Trust us to deliver state-of-the-art monitoring systems that shows you the reality, allowing for corrective measures to be taken in time to prevent damage.

• Sea DarQ oil spill
• FLIR night vision
• Marine Calibration test case
• Fluke instruments
• Fluke Thermography
• Flir
• Hioki
• Maritme automation
• MSA portable
• MSA stationary
• Ex products
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