Pipeline Services - IKM Testing UK

Pipeline services

IKM Testing performs all services related to pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning of pipeline systems, including maintenance of existing pipes and pressure systems.

We work actively together with our clients to find optimal technical solutions, accommodating efficiency, environment and economy.

​IKM Testing also performs FEED studies in the design phase of subsea development projects, which include – in addition to a description of how the pre-commissioning operations can/should be done for that specific system – functional requirements for e.g. pig traps, connection points, dimensioning of piping and valve placement.​

Umbilical Testing / Cleaning
IKM Testing performs all services related to pre-commissioning and commissioning of umbilicals. This includes flushing and testing of hydraulic lines, Electrical cable testing (IR,CR,TDR) and optical fibre testing (OTDR)

Onshore Testing / FAT
All services related to mechanical preparation and completion to pre-commissioning and commissioning of tie-in spools, templates, manifolds and other structures, are within IKM Testing’s core business activities. This includes services such as flooding, cleaning, gauging, pressure testing, dewatering, drying, preservation, pig placement, waxing and gel filling.

Service include:

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM):

  • Barrier testing
  • Leak testing
  • Equipment highlights


  • Hydraulic testing
  • IR testing
  • CR testing
  • TDR / OTDR testing


  • Flood, clean & gauge (FCG)
  • Hydrostatic strength testing
  • Pipeline dewatering / conditioning

Equipment Highligts

  • Self-supporting hose sytems
  • Wireless SPAMM units
  • Modular test cabin