Mud Recovery without Riser

IKM Cleandrill_Mud Recovery Without Riser (MRR)

IKM’s Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR) is a new generation subsea pumping technology used during semi-submersible, drill-ship and jack-up drilling operations. The MRR collects drilling mud and cuttings during the top-hole section of offshore wells and returns them to the surface. It also provides zero discharge environmental drilling capability. IKM’s MRR is the latest generation technology in this field and is provided to clients on a global basis.

Why our clients use MRR:
■  Improved well-bore stability
■  Push surface casing deeper
■  Potentially reduce the amount of casing strings
■  Mud log data and cutting from riserless section
■  delay installation of BOP and marine riser

Safety benefits:
■  Volume control in riserless section
■  Quick gain/loss detection
■  Better xmas and BOP stability
■  Reduce risk of undermining well and template

IKM Mud recovery without Riser (MRR)

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