Riser Level Control

IKM Cleandrill Riser Level Control (RLC)

IKM’s Riser Level Control (RLC) system is used to lower the level of drilling fluid in a riser to reduce and control bottom hole pressure during drilling, circulating and cementing.

The system removes drilling fluid from a convenient existing location or a dedicated joint on the riser and pumps it back to the rig fluid system through an independent conduit.

Pressure sensors on the riser are used to verify the level of fluid and provide input to the RLC control system. Variable speed drive centrifugal pumps create the required hydrostatic pressure reduction in the riser based on input from these pressure transmitters.

The RLC system utilises much of the same technology as IKM’s Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR).

IKM Cleandrill RLC system

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