Rig / Downhole Services

Drilling Fluids Management
• Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR)
• Riser Level Control (RLC)

Drilling Waste Management
• Drilling waste management systems
• Cuttings handling, transportation and treatment
• Slop treatment
• Storage tanks, vacuum units,
pneumatic pumps

Mooring services
• Mooring services for semi-subs
• Analysis and engineering
• Inspection and services

Process and well technology
• Data acquisition (pressure, temp, flow, chemical analysis)
• Well-site PVT and chemistry
• Annulus leakage diagnostics
• High pressure separator and sampling products
• Well intervention tools (wireline, coil tubing, snubbing)
• Surface pressure control equipment
• Management / storage of client owned equipment
• Refurbishment and certification of client owned equipment.
• Sample bottle rental and management
• Well barrier control
• Well testing and production services

• Pressure control equipment
• Well intervention tools
• Drilling jars
• Spare parts

• Equipment and personnel

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