Certification of accumulators

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IKM Testing performs certification and re-certification of accumulators. We dismantle, inspect, clean, test, function test and reinstall all types of accumulators. We also have a well established contact network for delivery of parts for the most familiar brands. IKM has its own dedicated personnel to perform full re-certification and classification.

• Accumulators are isolated from the system, pressure and fluid/gas is removed
• Accumulators are dismantled
• Inspection and cleaning is done
• All vital parts are checked and changed if needed
• Pressure testing is done
• Accumulator is installed back into the system
• Documentation/certificate is issued

• Complete certification container
• Pre-charge/repair units
• Roughness meter and hone equipment
• Centring equipment
• Calibration equipment
• Test equipment

Related services
• Video inspection of accumulator shell
• Hot oil flushing of hydraulic systems
• Calibration of pressure indicators
• Rent of temporary accumulators
• Certification of nitrogen backup bottles
• Certification of pressure chambers and N2/LN2 tanks
• Analysis of hydraulic fluids

Scope of use
• Certification offshore with Z-015 equipment
• Onshore industry, refineries and petrochemical facilities
• Maintenance and certification in our own workshop

• Link to PDF Brochure about sertification of accumulators
• Link to EQUIPMENT within certification of accumulators.

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