Cleaning of slop water

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XClean is a mobile system for removal of oil and particles in water. The principle is based on flocculation and filtration. If required an additional ”after polishing” step, by the use of a polymer filter, can be utilized. The treated water is analysed on site.

We have a cost effective method for reducing the environmental impact and reduce HSE risk by treating slop at site.

The system has been built into a 20` container and is approved for use both onshore and offshore. The system is perfect for water treatment of ballast water, slop-water, drilling water and waste water from cleaning operations.

Our X-Clean unit has a typical treatment capacity of 5m3/hour (dependent on degree of pollution in the water), and reduce the oil-in-water concentration down to 5 ppm. We are able to reduce slop with 70-95%.

Skimmed oil/hydrocarbons can be re-injected into the process or collected for destruction. Collected particles/sediments are normally sent to destruction. 

• Reduced cost
• Reduced waste for destruction
• High degree of recycling/reuse of water
• Reduced need for waste transport

• Link to PDF Brochure about cleaning of slop water.

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