Cold cutting / Cutting services

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IKM Testings wide range of Tritool equipment, designed for ease operation, deliver maximum performance to produce expert results.

Simultaneous cutting and beveling capabilities minimizes material loss for component replacement and/or repairs.

The split frame design of the ”Clamshell” lathe allows the machine to separate and mount around the OD of the in-line pipe or fittings for strong, stable clamping. Clamshells perform precision in-line sever or simultaneous sever/bevel operations, as well as weld end preparation and counterboring on open ended pipe.

We can offer Tri Tool equipment for rent, or experienced staff of qualified technicians, equipped with our latest machinery, to perform on-site machining services.

Link to PDF Brochure about cutting services.


We also perform weld end preparation and counterboring on open ended pipe
We can offer Tritool equipment for rent, with or without personnel


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