Pipe freezing

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IKM can perform pipe freezing/ice-plugging both onshore and offshore. These methods allow freezing of many materials and have been tested thoroughly. The methods have been approved by StatoilHydro following a pre-qualification programme. Being able to monitor and control both pressure and temperature, safe barriers can be established in new parts of pipe systems. This renders possible installations, modifications and maintenance when system upstream ice plug is still in service.  

• Liquid nitrogen with a cooling coil wrapped around the area to be frozen ( PLS controlled cooling process)
• Dy ice, generated on site as part of the freezing process (fixed cooling temperature)

• Barriers can now be established in parts of systems that would otherwise be inaccessible
• Avoids complete shutdown of systems and equipment 
• Saves valuable time normally lost in draining down and refilling a system
• Temperature and pressure control during the freezing process results in an approved barrier on many systems
• All freezing operations can be tested and verified in advance and previous experience is included in specific procedures development

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