Pumping Systems

IKM Technology has EPC capability for pumping systems. Delivery of system packages including; topside Power and Control containers, Subsea pump module and interface equipment.

Mud Riserless Return (MRR)
The MRR pumping systems is used for used for pumping mud and drill cuttings from wellhead to Surface. Systems down to 500 meters water depth is in use. A 1500 meter system is under development.

By use of the same key components we can build systems for both subsea pipeline flooding & testing, and as subsea utility pumps for water treatment or subsea storage tanks.

Subsea Tank Systems
For our variable buoyancy system there has been developed tanks, which can be used as fluid storage subsea, for pumping systems. Our large tanks are from 8000 to 22000 liters.

Hose connection systems
• Connectors for Suctionhose
• Connectors for low pressure (100 bar).

Our system is based on a 6” hose size, but can easily be modified to fit 4-10” hoses. Feature ROV connection and emergency quick release system.


Subsea Motors
In our systems we use Subsea motors from IKM Elektro. IKM Elektro designs and manufactures subsea motors in accordance with customer specifications. Our subsea motors has been in operations for more than 20 years.

Application areas
• ROV thrusters
• Subsea HPU
• Subsea tooling
• Subsea pumps

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