ROV Systems

IKM Technology specializes in the production of electrical Work Class ROVs.

This includes:
• Design and product development of ROV technology and associated tooling
• Installation engineering and tailoring to dedicated vessels and rigs
• Service and support

Electric work class ROV
IKM ROV design, known as the ‘Merlin’ system within the subsea industry, represents a state of the art electrically powered, work class ROV, having been developed and matured since year 2000. This IKM developed technology offers the operator an alternative in ROV service provision, through efficiencies in design and concept, whilst exceeding industry lead indicators for ROV operational serviceable up time.

Technical Support
ROV systems technical support is offered from IKM Technology, we use our “Merlin” database, which provide real time system performance.

IKM Technology ‘s ROV systems feature continuous performance improvement, adopting a full life cycle approach with continued feedback direct from the operators to the operations and manufacturing teams.

Merlin WR200 ROV
Merlin WR200 ROV is a work class remotely operated vehicle (ROV) with deepwater capabilities. With 200 electric hp the Merlin WR200 is the workhorse in our ROV fleet. Throughout the last 5 years this has proven to be a reliable, compact and powerful work class ROV.
L = 2800 W = 1800 H = 1700

UCV (Ultra Compact Vehicle)
The Merlin UCV represents a ultra-compact work ROV with unsurpassed performance and reliability. The vehicle system is a multipurpose ROV system typically used when high performance combined with minimum vehicle size is a requirement.
L = 2500 W = 1500 H = 1500

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