Subsea Tooling

IKM Technology has a large selection of ROV tooling to meet your needs. We have a selection of tools and continue to develop new tools. Most of our tooling is for rental and product for sale. Our complete subsea tooling portfolio is presented in our product catalogue.

Portfolio Tooling

We deliver saws and Diamond wire cutters in various dimensions. Wire cutters and soft rope cutters. All of  our tools can be carried by an Work Class ROV.

We have a selection of cleaning tools as disc or drum design.

Subsea Wellhead tool
Cleaning and gasket replacement tools, hydraulic or manual operated. Optional with acid injection cylinder.

Special tools
Subsea Marker, Subsea Gas sampling Unit, Subsea Docking Probe, Subsea Magnetic Handle, Subsea Torque Wrench.

Subsea baskets
Various ROV tool baskets with load capacity from 700kg to 2 ton.

Portfolio Products

Compensators in different sizes from 30ml to 45 liter.

ROV Handels
Fishtail, D-handle and T-handle in different material quality, Rubber joint and adaptors.

Valve Handels
2 way ROV Valve handle.

Subsea Hose Connection
Connection of hoses up to 6” and 100 bar pressure rating.

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