ROV operations

Our Merlin Work class vehicle is a new generation, electric-powered, remotely operated vehicle. This gives us an environmental benefit because of higher efficiency, and less potential for spill to sea due to less oil consumption. Reliability is increased compared to more traditional ROV’s by ensuring that each thruster has a separate power supply from topside. This means that we and our clients can expand operational time, a big advantage when you are operating in deep water regions.

The Merlin ROV has an open structure which gives us an advantage for maintenance and when operating in strong ocean currents.

Thruster motor conrol Open frame Facilities IKM Subsea ROV simulator

High degree of expertise, high ambitions
Our technicians, engineers and ROV operators possess unique expertise and experience within their specialist fields. Together they represent a well-integrated team that is always ready to solve complex jobs for our clients.

Our “Merlin academy” training facilities has a CM Labs Vortex ROV simulator Platform. It is located in the same building as our production facility. This enables us to deliver a detailed package of training for all employees throughout their career. The simulator also enables our manufacturing department to thoroughly test and simulate new designs before they are put into production.

Track Record and Current client base includes companies as:

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