Test and measurement equipment

Hydratron celebrates 30 years of being in business in 2011. Formed in 1981
to specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of high pressure equipment.

From hand operated pumps to complete Valve test containers, Hydratron offers a wide range of high pressure equipment.

Please browse through a selection of what we can offer. Click the pictures for more information

• Hand operated pumps and power packs
• Air operated Liquid pumps
• Standard Power Packs and Hydrostatic
   test units
• Air operated Gas Booster pumps and 
  Power packs
• Hose Test Rigs
• Pressure safety valve (PSV) Test Benches 
 Butterfly, Gate, Ball og Control ventil 
  test benker
• Containerized valve test workshops 
• High pressure Valves, Fittings and
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