Our course activities

As one of Norway's most complete suppliers in the field of process, test and measuring instruments, it is important that we can contribute with competence enhancement among our customers. We have delivered courses and services to a large number of market-leading international companies, organizations, government agencies and small businesses over the past 30 years.

Increasing training needs
With an ever-increasing need for expertise in several disciplines, we want to meet our customers' needs. We have therefore entered into a cooperation agreement with Tønsberg firm Trainor. Our common platform where guidance and expertise safeguards life and values ​​constitutes a solid foundation for a strategic collaboration since an ever-increasing need for training within the field of education and training. Electrical safety means that we also need to develop and keep up to date. In practice, this means that Trainor will still organize and hold various courses and IKM Instrutek will help to market these to our common customers. At the same time, IKM Instrutek, who previously holds corporate internal courses, product training and various courses in collaboration with our suppliers.

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