HVAC Engineer


HSE role is responsible for the following:
* To ensure that health, safety and environment as described in "HSE my responsibility" is a natural part of the daily work
* To assess HSE risks related to own work, and to implement and comply with necessary measures
Personal responsibilities:
* Ensure that own work is performed according to applicable governing documents in W3 and correct IT applications.
* Ensure that own work is performed according to project schedules and that information is exchanged according to agreed dates.
* Proactively seek information and/or clarification needed from other roles to enable continuation and completion of own work.
* Ensure quality and self-check of own work performed.
* Ensure that changes to own work is handled according to the Change process.
* Only implemented instructions from mandated personnel.
* Reporting of status / progress for own work.
* Contribution to continuous improvements through reporting of Non Conformances and suggestions for improvements.

Responsibilities continuation

Role Essentials:
* Administration of tags i EIS (set up, define control objects, link to activity, datainput etc.)
* Concept evaluation and quality assurance of HVAC system and equipment design versus relevant authority legislation and Shell requirements/specifications
* Preliminary and detail HVAC design development;
* Ductwork design
* Calculation of heat and cooling capacity
* Calculation of ventilation capacity
* Project work in multidiscipline teams
Responsible for relevant HVAC documentation:
* Data sheets
* Technical requisitions
* Input to Design and study reports
* Input System Operation manuals, testing procedures etc.
* ISO drawings
* Layouts and plotplans
* Evaluate bids, clarification with vendor and follow up deliveries and equipment testing (FAT)
* Checking of documentation issued by colleagues
* Perform Offshore surveys

Required expertise

* Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering
* Relevant erfaring +5 år Olje&Gas

Work place: Stavanger
Duration: ASAP - 31.12.2020
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    • Vacancy ID 3012214
    • Workplace Stavanger
    • Start date 15.12.2019
    • Deadline 10.12.2019