Well intervention tools

Wireline Intervention Tools
•  Conventional Tool String Components
•  Rope Socket Slick Line, cable Head Logging
•  Stem Bars. Solid Steel. Lead Filled. Tungsten Filled.  Slick Line.  Logging
•  Gauge Cutter.  Blind Box.  Lead Impression Block Tubing Drift.
•  Jars.  Mechanical Spang.  Hydraulic.  Spring.
•  Pulling Tools.    Type GS. JD. JU. R.S.  Universal Multi Reach.  Heavy Duty
•  Running Tools.  Type R-Line.  RX.  X-Line. 
•  Shifting Tool. Type C
•  Fishing Tools. Wireline Grab.  Wireline Spear.  Overshot.  Internal Spear

Coil Tubing Intervention Flow Through Tools
•  Tubing Connector.  Dimple/Grub screw.  External Slip.  Roll-On. 
•  Straight Bars.
•  Motorhead Assembly.  Equipped With Twin Flapper Check Valve.  Release Joint.  Circulation Valve.
•  Twin Flapper Check Valve. 
•  Tool String Quick Connect
•  Flow Activated Sequencing Tool
•  Flow Release Heavy Duty GS Type Pulling.  Overshot. Selective Shifting Tool
•  Flow Release Running Tool.  Type PRS. RX.  Z6
•  Flow Activated Kick-Over Tool.
•  Hydraulic / Hydro Mechanical Jars.  Up/Down Stroke.  Dual Acting.
• Jetting Nozzle.  Multi Ported.  Static.  Rotating

Roller Assisted Intervention Tools Strings

Kick Over Tools

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