Our history

sigma inspection'

The company originates from Rogaland Material Inspeksjon AS founded in 1987, acquired by Applus Group SA (listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange) in 2008. The management group acquired the company on 31.12.2020 via a management buyout and changed its company name to Sigma Inspection. As part of this transaction, Sigma Inspection AS was refinanced and has no debt and a solid financial base to support ongoing operations and future growth. IKM Group bought 100% of the shares in Sigma Inspection on 30.12.21, but continues with the same name and the same management.

Sigma Inspection AS is a leading provider of services to the offshore and onshore oil and gas market, the manufacturing yard, land-based mechanical industry and land-based infrastructure such as railways and bridges.

Sigma Inspection AS offers a wide range of both conventional and advanced NDT services, and inspections ranging from specialized pipeline testing, on-stream monitoring and scanning to data management. In addition, Sigma Inspection AS offers metallurgical field investigations and inspection of lifting equipment. Sigma Inspection AS has more than 60 employees, with offices and state-of-the-art workshop and test facilities in Stavanger and Bergen. Operating revenues in 2022 are expected to be in the order of NOK 70 million.