Why choose us?

1. Onboarding - before you start with us

  • Support with visa application
  • Support to find housing
  • Mobilization trip

2. Assignment - when you work for us

  • Salary/ Tax
  • Insurance: Group life and leisure accident insurance for you and your immediate family.
  • Strong portfolio of assignments
  • Courses

3. Welfare

  • Social events
  • Apartment in Sirdal and apartments in Spain
  • Support with gym member ship
  • Golf

At IKM Consultants we work purposefully to be the best at following up our consultants!

With a strong local industrial owner in the IKM group, we have a strong network and a wide range of customers and partners.

We have a wide range of opportunities and do everything we can to find the right assignment adapted to your skills and experience!

Our consultants are very satisfied with working for IKM and give us a score of 5 out of 6 points on average in our survey done this year!

We are very proud of this and work every day to ensure that both employees and customers are as satisfied as possible with our deliveries.

Below you can read more in detail what IKM Consultants offers our employees:


Support with visa application

We assist with the full visa application process. This involves the cost of the application, sending the application, as well as assisting in all questions related to the process.

Accommodation support

IKM Consultants has an agreement with a supplier who assists the entire process of finding housing for all employees who relocate for an assignment.

Mobilization trip

Relocation from abroad often involves costs, IKM Consultants therefore supports with funds for travel if you move to Norway from abroad for an assignment.


Salary/ Tax

Our admin team works actively to ensure that salary payments are delivered to the highest standard. In the Consultant Survey 2022 under the question "Does IKM Consultants meet your expectations for delivery of salary payments?" The team scored an average of 5.4 on a scale from 1-6.


IKM Consultants has both group life and leisure insurance for all employees and their immediate family members.

Strong portfolio of assignments

We are proud to be able to offer our consultants a wide range of assignments. IKM Consultants has framework agreements with all major players in the oil and energy industry as well as access to other industries through our sister companies in the IKM group


IKM Consultants has agreements with suppliers for mandatory courses for the industry and help you book what’s applicable in your role. 


Social events

IKM Consultants is concerned with creating an inclusive environment with opportunities to create good relationships with the administration and the sales team, as well as creating an arena for networking with other consultants who work for IKM Consultants. That is why we facilitate social events such as pub evenings, boat trips and sporting events.

Apartment in Sirdal and apartment in Spain

All employees have the opportunity to book an apartment in Sirdal for a break with nature experiences and winter sports or take a trip to warmer regions by booking one of our apartments in Spain.

Support for training

IKM Consultants wants to facilitate good health for all our employees, therefore we support costs related to fitness center membership.


For our employees who are interested in golf, we have access to a green fee at Sola golf club, which everyone can use. Several of our consultants book flights together for one