Radiant heat shield and fire jackets

Fire jackets radiant heat shield flare heatshield personnel protection shields thermal and sound insulations jackets

IKM dsc Engineering’s Radiant heat shield, personnel protection shields, thermal and sound insulation jackets  and fire jackets are fully tested and certified by DnV GL or Lloyd’s.  Product designs based on proven technology and more than twenty years of experience.

Fire Jackets
Fire protection of valves, pipes, flanges and supports 

Radiant Heat Shield
Environment and radiation protection for stairs, walkways, muster area and flare

Thermal and sound insulation jackets
Metal and removable jacket insulation systems

Personnel Protection Shields
Heat/Radiation shields protecting personnel against hot surfaces.
All our products are adaptable and customized 

Features and benefits
•    Light weight 
•    Cost effective
•    Easy to install/remove for inspection
•    Hatches/openings for access/services


Selection of references
•    Umm Lulu - ADMA OPCO / NPCC Technip  
•    Njord A – Equinor / Kværner
•    Tanguhh – BP / Saipem
•    Sevan – Sevan Marine