A wide range of small bore, low and high pressure valves in various make and material.

Typical application areas are water, fuel, steam compressed air, oils and a variety of chemicals for the range of types:

  • Ball Valves Low Pressure, Full Bore
  • Ball Valves Low Pressure, 3-way/L-bore/T-bore
  • Ball Valves Low pressure Ball Valves – Flanges
  • Needle / Regulation Valves. BSP
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Ball Valves High pressure, Steel
  • Ball Valves High pressure, 3-way / L-bore / T-bore
  • Ball Valves High pressure 6000 psi – 10000 psi.
  • Check Valves, Europa Low pressure
  • Check Valves, Snap-Tite