About us

IKM Instrutek was established in 1985. Its head office is in Larvik, with branch offices in Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund. The company has 42 employees and a turnover of aprox. NOK 200 million. 

Our vision
To be a leading, complete and finely tuned supplier of choice.

Our values
• Responsible • Bold • Clear • Focused

A collaborating partner
IKM Instrutek is a collaborating partner that focuses on quality, product range and expertise.

We supply products and services to the industry, shipping, offshore and public sector.
Our expertise ranges from process, test- and measuring instruments, navigation, communication and condition monitoring.  

A part of the IKM Group
IKM Instrutek is part of the IKM Group - a multidicipline sub supplier focusing primarily on the oil and gas industry. The IKM Group conducts business within the following five areas: Electrical/Instrument/Process, Subsea/Completion/Commissioning, Engineering/Operations, Fabrication/Inspection and Rig/Downhole Services.

Focus on Growth is always the goal, and IKM`s ambition is that even the most demanding customer shall choose IKM as their preferred business partner. All IKM companies are ISO-certified, and through internal revisions, audits, and continuous monitoring. IKM Corporate Group ensures that it meets and exceeds the needs of its customers and employees with respect to quality, health, safety and the enviroment.