Condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring
Proactive condition based maintenance
Tailored solutions and service concepts for proactive condition-based maintenance is a key factor in our deliveries. This includes a wide range of products and services in the field of preventive maintenance.

For optimized operation of rotary equipment and other machinery, we offer full-range delivery, including surveys, engineering, factory testing, installation, commissioning, training and support.

By identifying early signs of wear, tear and damage, it is possible to plan optimal maintenance thereby ensuring maximum uptime. We are certified as a service provider by DNV GL, ABS and Lloyd`s and all our service engineers are Vibration Analyst certified to ISO Cat II or Cat III.

Optimized maintenance of machinery
Our systems are used for monitoring thrusters, gears, electric motors, generators, turbines, compressors, drilling top drives and other rotary equipment both onshore and offshore. Our engineers travel all over the world to install systems, perform routine measurements, analyze data and solve problems.

Our focus on continuous improvement and optimization is a key part of our work.

Products and services:

  • Online/offline systems for vibration measurement, protection and advanced analysis
  • Equipment and sensors for vibration and ultrasonic measurements
  • Online oil monitoring systems for gearboxes, engines and hydraulic systems
  • Online/offline torque and shaft power measurements (systems and services)
  • System for performance measurement of diesel engines and ship machinery
  • Inspection of rotary machinery (vibration measurement, ultrasound, laser alignment)
  • Laser alignment (rotary and geometric measurements)
  • Balancing of rotary machinery
  • Analysis of defective bearings (ball and roller bearings)
  • Structural measurements (vibration)
  • Monitoring of transformers (gases and moisture dissolved in insulating oil)
  • Monitoring of transformer bushings
  • Comfort measurements on ships (vibrations and acoustics)
  • Thermography of electrical systems
  • Consultancy within our specialized fields
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