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Sustainability as a Core Value: Sustainable Technology since 1995

For three decades years, the IKM Ocean Team has worked purposefully to reduce the environmental impact of our activities within the oil & gas, industrial, maritime and wind industries. Our extensive commitment to sustainable technology, environmental responsibility and our strategic focus on sustainability are central to everything we do.

IKM Ocean Team's Green Profile

IKM Ocean Team's Green Profile

Since our founding in 1995, cleanliness in fluid-carrying systems has been a cornerstone of our strategy. We have created a culture where we constantly update our processes and chemicals to minimize the environmental footprint. This is done through a systematic approach to risk assessment of our processes and consumables, which ensures efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Strategic Risk Management

Our management is deeply involved in strategic risk management, which ensures that we are always at the forefront of implementing sustainable action plans. At tactical and operational levels, we implement these plans, underscoring our holistic approach to environmental responsibility.

IKM Ocean Team's Green Profile

Proactive Environmental and Sustainability Practice

The core of our business model is proactive environmental and sustainability practices. We have converted traditional diesel-powered engines to compact electric motors, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions. Our innovative and patented equipment ensures that we always deliver solutions that not only meet but also exceed the strictest environmental standards. Thus, we use recycled CO2 to clean pipes used in various industries, just as we use impure CO2 in our test center for the CCUS industry.

Environmental Conditions in a Life Cycle Perspective

Reducing our customers' environmental impact is a key success criterion for the IKM Ocean Team. 80% of all malfunctions are due to impurities in fluid-carrying systems. Our technology effectively removes these impurities and ensures optimal operating conditions, extending the life of the customer's equipment. This means fewer replacements and repairs, lower maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and a significantly smaller environmental footprint.

IKM Ocean Team's Green Profile

Sustainability as a Core Value

Sustainability is not just a goal, but a core value in the IKM Ocean Team. We deliver solutions that support a future with sustainability and innovation at the fore. Our commitment to exceeding environmental standards supports our ambition to be a leading player in sustainable solutions.