Mixtank 1400 ltr. SS


The 1400 ltr. chemical mixing tank is normally used together with pickle unit “454.CIRK.SS316.EXD” and heater “EL-HEATER.21KW.SS316.EXD” for mixing, heating, and circulating chemicals in all kind of process systems such as, but not limited to, pipe- & tank systems, heat exchangers, coolers (plate & tube bundles) etc.

The mixing tank is perfect to create heat through an integrated heating system, which allows water from a steam cleaner to run through this system and heat up the chemical mix indirectly, and because of the thermo effect integrated in the mix tank it will keep the chemicals warm for a longer time. 

The mixing tank is also integrated with a cleanable SS316 100-mesh strainer for filtration.

Mixtank 1400 ltr. SS. 8000120

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