‘Unilift’, lifting device is designed for on and offshore lifting of universal pallets, tanks, tools- & spare part boxes etc. with a service crane either from vessel, TP, or nacelle. The lifting device has multiple top lifting adjustments in order to compensate for changes in center of gravity. The lifting device comes with an integrated adjustment for various sizes of safe customer lifting application.

The lifting device is built in seawater resistant aluminum and holds a weight of only 67,5 kg, the lifting device is ultra-light weight, which does not take weight from applications to be lifted.

Caused the four-point sliding sleeve lifting pads the lifting device does not require extra space for load and offload, which is an advantage on e.g., a TP with only limited space available.

The lifting device is designed with a unifold application, meaning it can easily be taken apart and packed into a compressed transport box. 


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