200 200 7 ACMU.EXD


The unit is driven by two 400 V., 15 kW., 50 Hz., EXD electrical motors. Each connected to a pump with a circular flow of approximately 200 l./min. at 35 bar, and one 3 kW. electrical motor, fitted to a vane pump with a circular flow of 7 l./min. at 150 bar, which generates a pulsation effect with up to 800 l./min. The unit can operate with pipe dimensions from 1” to 4” depending on fluid viscosity and temperature, ensuring a pipe system cleanliness level better than ISO 4406 14/11 or AS4059 Class 5 (NAS 1638 Class 5).

The pulsation is generated through a 10 ltr. accumulator which is pressurized through the 7 l./min., 150 bar vane pump. The high pressure from the accumulator is then automatically periodically released to the low pressure flushing circulation, which generates a very high turbulent pulsed flow. The pulsations are particularly an advantage in systems with high differential pressure. The starter panel is fitted with on/off push buttons, on/off light indications, emergency stop, and a 10 meter connecting cable with 63 A. electrical plug.

9000447 Flush Unit High Flow Oil flushing Unit

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