Flushing Equipment HP On-line


The unit is suitable for on-line pressurized pulsed flushing applications in static hydraulic systems with high pressure (up to 400 bar). An example of these systems could be, but not limited to, wellhead hydraulic control systems, ESDV (Emergency Shut Down Valve systems) and hydraulic choke systems.

Flushing on-line means that all static hydraulic systems can be cleaned by turbulent flow with a Reynolds number > 3000, without shutting down the hydraulic system, avoiding any production loss caused by the oil flushing. This is an essential advantage compared to conventional oil flushing procedures.

The unit is controlled by a 230V EXD solenoid valve and therefore, also suitable for use in Zone 2 areas.

ATEX marking: II 2 G IIB T4 / ZONE 2

9000021 Flush Unit HP Intelligent Valve Controller

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