In-Depth Oil Conditioner


The In-Depth Oil Conditioner (IDOC) unit is ideal for online preventive oil degradation such as dehydration, degassing, and decontamination of solid particles and oxidation products from all type of lubrication and hydraulic oil systems. 

The IDOC unit is specifically designed for easy maintenance of lubrication and hydraulic oil systems ensuring complete and efficient removal of all unwanted varnish precursors eliminating the possibility of varnish formation. As the IDOC unit is capable of operating on various live systems, it significantly reduces maintenance costs and unnecessary shutdown costs.

The IDOC unit is very compact and mobile making it very easy to install within a very short period of time. Finally, the IDOC unit is approved for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. 

Depending of operation state, the plant will be able to remove 15 ltr. water per day.

9000426 Flush Unit  IDOC Flush

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